How to Install Text Tones

There are a few different ways to change your text tones and email sounds on your apple device and that depends on which firmware your device is currently running. To find out which firmware version your device is on, go to Settings-General-About and scroll down to version.

If your device is running Firmware version 5.0 or higher.
If your device is running Firmware version 4.3.5 or lower.

Firmware version 5.0 or higher

If your on firmware version 5.0 or higher its never been easier to change your email, text or ringtones.

Below is a short video showing how easy it really is to change any of the sound in your iPhone on ios 5.


Firmware version 4.3.5 or lower

This is how to change your iPhone Text & Email sounds.

  • 1..You will need a Jailbroken device for this to work and to be able to gain entery to your iPhones Root Folder. (If you have not got a Jailbreak on your iPhone then in the video and at the bottom of this page is an address to get the lastest Jailbreak.)
  • 2..You will also need a 14 day free trail program called Diskaid which the address for that is also shown in the video and also at the bottom of this page.
  • Once you have Jailbreak installed along with Diskaid your good to go.!

    For the latest Jailbreak click Here

    For Diskaid click Here

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