How To Make a Nano Sim Card For The iPhone 5

How to Make your own Nano Sim Card
for the New
iPhone 5

Follow these instructions at your own risk. Cutting your SIM card may destroy it!

(Sorry i have to say this to cover myself just in case but be assured this does work.!)

If your lucky enough to have a New iPhone 5 and need a Nano sim card you could use your existing Micro sim card by following the next steps.

We have made a video below showing how its done so please watch this first to familiar yourself with the procedure.

All you need is some sticky tape, one pair of scissors, a pen, ruler and this temple linked Here (Nano Sim Template).

  • Download your temple and print the template page at 100% scale on a DIN A4 page
  • Cut out a piece of sticky tape and lay it over your Micro Sim card with Gold Circuit board on top showing up.
  • Carefully place the sim card over the template where Nano sim is shown (solid lines) and tape down.
  • Carefully use a ruler and a marker to draw the cut lines onto your SIM card (Dotted Lines).
  • Carefully cut your SIM card along the drawn lines using scissors. Cutting the contacts usually does not impact functionality as the actual chip below is much smaller.

  • If you cut correctly then your sim card should now fit inside the iPhone 5 Sim tray, if not just trim where your first cut short until it fits or sand corner slightly.
  • There is no need to sand down the thickness of the sim card as some say as the iPhone 5 excepts the extra thickness with no problem at all.
    All you need to do now is to switch on your iPhone 5 and wait for it to connect.!

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