Best Sim Card

Whats the big Deal.?

Now before you all say, oh another bloody ad just hold on…wait and read.

Whats good about this sim card deal.? Well let me tell you all i know.

First let me tell you this company is owned by O2 and of course uses their own O2 network…ok so the coverage should be good.? Then let me tell you could have…

  • Unlimited Text
  • Unlimited internet data
  • 250 mins talk time
  • Free calls to other users
  • FREE 0800 calls
  • £5 Free credit
  • All for just £10 a month rolling contract.!!!
  • Now thats what i call a great deal wouldn’t you say.?

    Whats the catch.? Well as far as i can see there isn’t one… its all true works well as O2 normally does.

    Now the only thing is these GiffGaff people they don’t do free hand set deals just the sim cards so you will need to buy your own phone first. If your like me just coming out of a contract with an iPhone paying £35 a month, then this truely all you can eat unlimited internet data, Unlimited Text, 250mins talk time with £5 credit for just £10 a rolling month is just the ticket.

    Well i’ve now been using mine for some months and haven’t touch wood had any problems at all, i’ve had good service used so much data and text all for just £10 a month. Beats my other service provider hands down. One months payment with them at £35 is 3 1/2 months with Giffgaff. I’m saving loads now every year and you could to if you take the jump.?

    If your worried about changing providers why don’t you first get your phone unlocked with your provider for just a normal price of £15 one off payment as i did, order your Giffgaff sim and try out their service before changing completly.?

    Nothing ventured nothing gained…

    To order your free sim card with £5 credit click here, this offer only applies to people ordering from this site.

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