iPhone 4 Tips & Ticks

Iphone 4 Free Tips & Tricks

Welcome to the Tips and Tricks on the iPhone 4.

Power Saver

In these next pages you may discover little tips and tricks your not aware of that will make life easier for you when either sending Emails, Text messaging, Surfing the web or while on a call to your friends.

The iphone 4 is a great tool (Mobile phone) that has many short cuts and hidden feature’s which in time you many stubble across the more you use but then on the other hand you may not.? So please browse through these next pages for a full run down on tips.

Also if you have some tips i haven’t mentioned here please leave a comment below and i’ll list it in my next update.

Auto Sleep

Do you listen to your ipod before going to sleep.? Start your music and launch the clock application and select the timer function. Set the amount of time you’d like to listen to your music before the device goes to sleep. Then tap “When Timer Ends” and select “Sleep iPod“. Now you wont wake up to a flat battery.

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